New Hydrant Assembly and Testing Device

September 1, 2018

A year ago, we designed an assembly and testing device for our most recognisable products – hydrants. Last year, we installed the device in our assembly department, and this year it is fully operational.

With this unique device, we made the workplace more worker-friendly, resulting in one of the best organised and ergonomic workplaces. The device allows the operator to adjust the position of the hydrant, based on the assembly and testing procedure. The device also has an LCD screen, which guides the worker through the assembly and testing procedure. A great ecological and economical advantage of this device is that the testing water is reused, thereby reducing water consumption.

During the assembly process, a hydrant is tested for airtightness, and after the assembly, a strength test is conducted using water. Testing is performed in accordance with Standard SIST EN 12266. After testing, a hydrant is placed into the storage position, where it only needs to be secured for transport and shipped out.

With our new acquisition, we can reduce our order-to-delivery time for our customers.


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