Art. 610 UNI

DN 80–500
  • Bayonet or threaded connection possible
  • Suitable for duktile, steel, cast iron and AC pipes
  • Use with stainless steel rubber covered strap
  • Bayonet or threaded connection possible
  • Thread for simple assembly of the extension spindle
  • Maintenance free, simple handling

— Valves manufactured and tested acc. to EN 1074-2 (water supply valves)
— Thread acc. to ISO 228
— Ductile iron acc. to EN 1563
— Final strength and tightness test acc. to EN 12266-1
— Corrosion protection acc. to DIN 30677-2 and EN 14901
— Sealing elements for drinking water acc. to EN 681
— Microbiological suitability acc. to EN 16421 (W270)

— DVGW, UBA, W270, ACS WRAS, Belgaqua for EPDM sealing elements and Epoxy coating
— GSK – RAL-GZ 662/2 for corrosion protection
— DVGW certificate for the German market
— EMI for the Hungarian market
— VIK for the Croatian market


— Strap for metal pipes
— Telescopic extension spindle
— Connection elbows (with bayonet, threated connection)
— T-key (for extension spindle)
— Pipe connection
— Drilling machine