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Technology & Quality

Your experienced partner for valve development

With state-of-the-art technology both in development and production, and by being attentive of the progress and innovations on the global market, we adapt to the specific requirements of market and our customers.

Our wealth of expertise and experience allows us to develop a custom-made product for you that will meet the applicable standards and regulations. We follow new standards in the field of drinking water and sewage, and use modern software to improve the construction as well as mechanical and flow characteristics. We place great emphasis on optimised operation and environmental impact. Our development department constantly strives to develop new technologies that would reduce or prevent losses of drinking water in the distribution network.

In 2020, as much as 46.6 million cubic metres of water were lost in the distribution network, which represents a 27% loss in water pumping (source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia).

These extremely large quantities prompted us to develop an IoT (Internet of Things) hydrant with a sensor system for measuring the pressure and temperature in the system as well as the amount of water used. In this way, we want to provide water distribution operators with the options for monitoring and controlling the system and, consequently, for preventing or at least reducing the losses of drinking water.

Your experienced partner in the development of fittings.

Quality policy

IMP Armature is committed to the goal of constant care for the highest level of quality, as is evidenced by the many quality certificates of our products that represent additional confirmation of our success.

According to the ISO 9001 and 14001  standard, we provide a quality and environmental protection management system in the field of development,
production, marketing of industrial fittings and all subordinate processes:

  • consideration of customer requirements and assessment of satisfaction,
  • compliance with legal requirements for processes and products,
  • regular employee training,
  • system and product improvements,
  • regular management reviews,
  • corrective and preventive measures,
  • regular production process controls, and
  • 100% final product control.
Certified business and production processes

European Pressure Equipment Directive PED

TÜV SÜD – ISO 9001 and 14001 certificate

Slovenian certificate of conformity of construction products

GSK certification for coloring products for drinking and waste water

Approvals for drinking water

All materials that come in contact with potable water are microbiologically suitable and comply with the following standards and approvals: EN 681, EN 16421, KTW, WRAS, ACS, BELGAQUA, DVGW/UBA, ÖNORM – OFI.