Tapping bridges and connecting elements

Tapping bridges enable the quick and easy execution of connections to the water distribution system. The special saddle equipped with a rotating sliding baseplate enables via a special drilling device the easy connection to pressurized pipelines.

On Tapping bridges is easy to fit rotating elbows with connections of various dimensions. Tapping bridges are Suitable for underground installation when used with telescopic extension spindle.

Tapping bridges are designed for contact with foodstuffs, as attested by the KTW and DVKW certifications.

Characteristics and advantages of tapping bridges

  • Install into a pressurized pipeline.
  • No special maintenance.

Tapping bridges

Connecting elements


  • Installation kit Art. 605 telescopic – two lengths
    • H=800-1400
    • H=1300-1800


  • Connecting elements – elbows
    • Threaded connection: plastic or metal – stainless
    • Bayonet connection: ductile iron
  • Drilling device


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